Off the Eastern coast of Africa, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius draws on for a blissful vacation. Boasting its crystal-clear lagoons and turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, typical and indigenous vegetation, the island invites you to a real escape to enjoy unforgettable moments with your family and friends. Mauritius has no dearth of assets for a dream holiday. Its topical climate, which is very pleasant and mild throughout the year allows practice for outdoor activities, such as golf, water sports, fishing, scuba diving or hiking.

Beyond the true resplendence of its landscapes, Mauritius, being a diversified, knowledge-based, and innovation-driven economy, is today one of the richest countries in Africa; and owes its economic success by and large to its political stability, democracy, intelligent administration, as well as a great monetary and fiscal flexibility.

From history, Mauritius has been able to exploit its intense past, and inherited a rich blending of several cultures, that translates into an eclectic society, which is multi-ethnic, multilingual, and multicultural; and a land which is rich in natural resources where it is good to live and work. Notable for the kind-heartedness and conviviality of its inhabitants who speak French, English, and Creole, it has a plural culture that needs time to discover. This abundance conveys itself through its local gastronomy, its markets, and its various religious festivals. Mauritians, who are absolutely bilingual, and literate, have also given foreigners the opportunity to thrive and adapt to their lifestyle in a very short time.

According to Statistics Report, over the last 10 years, the Mauritian real estate market has witnessed massive investments of more than 360 billion rupees, accounting for 59.5% of Private Sector Investment. A recent report from the statistics office also published that real estate remains to this day the most lucrative genre of investment in Mauritius.

Why Mauritius?

  • Political stability, an impressive track record and sustained economic growth over more than 3 decades
  • A safe place for investment, a recognized state of law
  • The most liberalized country on the African continent and the friendliest for business
  • Peaceful, multi-ethnic, a unique lifestyle in a mix of cultures
  • A malleable, bilingual (French and English) and skilled workforce, working under a regulatory regime favourable to investment
  • Open to investors and foreign talent
  • An Ocean State with one of the largest exclusive economic zones on the planet
  • Preferential access to Africa, Europe, and the United States market
  • Modern infrastructures
  • Time zone suitable for all markets (GMT +4)

(Source: Economic Development Board, Mauritius)

Mauritius in Figures

  • GDP per capita: about 9,600 US dollars (2016 est.)
  • Moody’s Investors Service: BAA1 (2017)
  • Population: approximately 1.3 million inhabitants
  • Political system: Parliamentary democracy, general elections every 5 years
  • Official language: English
  • Widely spoken languages: French, Creole, and other Asian languages
  • Legal system: system combining English law and civil law
  • Adult literacy rate: 89.8% (2014)
  • Inflation: 0.9% (2016)
  • Master bank rate: 4%
  • Real GDP growth rate: 3.6% (2016)
  • GDP contribution by the Real Estate & Construction sector: 10.1% (2016)

(Source: Board of Investment, Mauritius)