Argy is situated next to the centre of Flacq village, with close access to Belle Mare and Bel Air. Argy was in the older days the site of a sugar mill and up to more recently a section of the Constance sugar estate. The site, of a total area of 13 Arpents, has retained much of its original character, with numerous vestiges linked to its rich history. An old sugar mill chimney, feature stone walls, stone ruins and old stone buildings with bright red roofs confer a unique feel to the place which also features large expanses of fully mature trees.

29 plots of an average size of 1 500 m2 are available on this exceptional site which offers a truly peaceful surrounding for a residential setting. The authentic character of the place finds a vivid expression in the central avenue of royal palm trees bordering the main road with stone walling to one side.

To preserve the exceptional qualities of the site, the promoters have elaborated a Cahier des Charges that is respectful of its natural and historical attributes.